August 09, 2019

One Effective Way To Dissolve Your Anger

Gratitude is a choice and many times we seem to take it for granted. You could be in a dream vacation where everything is perfect, peaceful, and relaxing and if you are thinking about your problems back home this paradise transforms into your own private hell. You could also be in a dreaded office doing the same old routine work, and if you start thinking about being grateful the dreaded office becomes paradise. As Max Strom the author of A Life Worth Breathing states it: Gratitude is a accessible at anytime, in any place, it is a choice to feel it or not.

You have a choice of gratitude because it is almost impossible to feel anger and gratitude at the same time. Gratitude humbles you, liberates you. Max Strom suggest a powerful too to use when you find yourself angry or resentful. He calls it finding your center of gratitude. In order to do this is not enough to “think of gratitude;” one must also focus on a person or thing which invokes this moving emotion- the more specific the better. Think of one person or thing in the world, that you feel grateful for. Perhaps someone that you love very much, someone who has only been good to you, someone who has been there for you in the worst times. You can imagine this person sitting before you, smiling at you. Allow yourself to feel the gratitude you have for this person, and radiate this gratitude towards them. Imagine them receiving it, and tears coming to their eyes. After this practice you should be feeling full of love and humility instead of anger. The anger will be dissolved and replaced by a higher emotion.

Lets not forget the beautiful power of gratitude in our lives. You can practice finding your center of gratitude every day to feel liberated from any negative emotion. May your life be full of peace and happiness.

Coralis (Cory) Solomon

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